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What is Chat Roulette Cam? 
It's a free online webcam chat service, allowing one-to-one videochat sessions with the main feature being the ability to connect with random strangers across the world and you just don't who you'll meet next. At its most basic level is a worldwide game of webcam roulette. 
How to play?
Interaction with fellow 'rouletters' is via webcam, text or microphone chat. You need a PC (with a web browser supporting Adobe Flash Player), a webcam and of course internet access, then you're ready to start. When you hit the site, you're presented with various options for the session and all you need to do is start a new game/session and well that's all there is to it....
...........well apart from the famous NEXT button.
The NEXT button is your esacpe route if you don‚Äôt like who, or what you see - just hit the NEXT button and before you know it you're connected to the next random rouletter. Now just as you can NEXT them, they can NEXT you and that's how you can get NEXTED! 
What's the attraction?
There's the voyeuristic side of peeking into the lives of completely random strangers! You've no idea who or what you're going to see in your private live video web chat session. It could be a model, a singer, a stamp collector or something totally different and throughout it all you have the benefit of anonyminity, it's not like Facebook or other social sites that require you to have a login and profile.
It's one to one, face to face and participants may be pleasant, plain stupid, bizarre or completely obnoxious but throughout the whole experience, everything is completely anonymous. For some it's a chance to make friends, meet women or meet men or maybe arrange to go out on a date.